The Anglo Irish Dismemberment

Official Winners Of Pub Quiz Wirral on November 21, 2019

Points scored 208

Prize won £30

One of the closest run Pub Quizzes on the Wirral was eventually won tonight by ‘The Anglo Irish Dismemberment‘ at The Acorn in Bebington.

With a score of 208, they edged ahead of the ‘Dick Of The Day’ by just one point. Third place was scooped by ‘Tequila Mockingbird‘, who were here with reinforcements and closed up an impressive score of 201. Our CASH prize tonight was £30.

We played ‘Play Your Cards Right’ for £150 and ‘Open The Box’ for £40, but didn’t have any winners so we have another rollover next week with both of the prize pots growing by £10 each.

It’s always great to welcome new teams, and we are delighted to have such a busy and fun-packed night with everyone. If you are thinking of giving us a try, do bear in mind that quiz nights at The Acorn do get busy, so the advice – if you’re hoping to eat and play the quiz – is to book a table on 0151 608 3216.

We start at 8pm and it’s £1 per player. The quiz is played on your Smartphone (full instructions are here) and there’s a picture round on paper right at the very start.

Proper Music Round

We have a proper music round where the questions have been set by a music industry professional. The questions can’t be ‘Shazam’d’ and they are a far cry form the ‘Fastest Finger’ to recognise a track that you might have seen at other Smartphone Quizzes.

Advent Calendar Giveaway

As December is fast approaching, we’re swapping our Cadbury Chocolate Finger bonus prizes (given out randomly on selected questions) for Cadbury Chocolate Advent Calendars.

Tonight's Winners