Steve’s Angels

Official Winners Of Pub Quiz Wirral on September 12, 2019

Points scored 195

Prize won £30

Our winning team this week, picking up £30 CASH, was ‘Steve’s Angels’. It was one of the closest finishes ever at our Thursday Night Pub Quiz with just ONE POINT between their 195 and ‘The Dick Of The Day’s’ 194 points.

‘The Luckiest’ came within one card of winning £180 of vouchers for beer and meat on ‘Play Your Cards Right’, meaning there’s a rollover next week and a chance to win £190!

We had three players try to guess the envelope that contained the key to ‘Open The Box’, but nobody won, meaning there’s a CASH rollover of £50 when we return next week.

Join us every Thursday for the biggest and most fun Pub Quiz on the Wirral at The Acorn in Bebington – with Cadbury Chocolate Fingers for the fastest finger answering three random questions throughout the night.

Pub Quiz Wirral scores Players at the Acorn Pub Quiz Wirral on 12th September 2019

Tonight's Winners