Smarty Pints

Official Winners Of Pub Quiz Wirral on November 7, 2019

Points scored 292

Prize won £30

Some serious questions were thrown at our 18 quiz teams tonight at The Acorn, but it was ‘Smarty Pints’ who were victorious in one of the most tumultuous quizzes we’ve witnessed. The top spot was occupied at various stages by more teams than ever before.

We came close to giving away the £160 jackpot on ‘Play Your Cards Right’ and £30 on ‘Open The Box’, but both roll over to next week, increasing by £10 each.

Quiz nights get busy at The Acorn in Bebington, so be sure to get here early to settle in and get a great table and some wonderful food from their new menu. The quiz starts at 8 and it’s £1 per player to play.

Tonight's Winners