Let’s Get Quizzical

Official Winners Of Pub Quiz Wirral on October 10, 2019

Points scored 189

Prize won £30

Pub Quiz teams from Bromborough, Heswall, Bebington – and beyond – battled it out tonight in one of the wildest rides in our very short history.

In the end it was ‘Let’s Get Quizzical’ who made a dash into the winning position in the very last round (the music round) to make a smash and grab for the CASH jackpot. Running up, just two points behind, was ‘The Spanish Inquisition’.

We played ‘Open The Box’ for CASH and ‘Play Your Cards Right’ for £120 worth of vouchers to spend at any Sizzling Pub, but neither game had a winner, so they both rollover next week.

We are back this and every Thursday for the fastest growing and most exciting Smartphone Speed Quiz on the Wirral at The Acorn in Bebington. We start at 8pm sharp, so be sure to get in early to settle in.

The Scores at tonight’s Pub Quiz

Tonight's Winners