Frosty Jacks

Official Winners Of Pub Quiz Wirral on December 5, 2019

Points scored 204

Prize won £40

A big winning night tonight at The Acorn in Bebington!

Total Winnings were £270 !

Frosty Jacks stormed into the lead at the last minute to win the quiz with a score of 204, collecting £40. ‘Open The Box’ went with a correct guess at the first attempt, netting one lucky player £60. ‘Play Your Cards Right’ went with a jackpot of £170!

Special mention must go to one of our most fun teams, The Intelligent Squad from Clatterbridge Hospital who very nearly one the quiz several times.

We’re back this and every Thursday – even throughout the Christmas period including Boxing Night – at the Acorn on Bebington. The Quiz starts at 8pm and it’s £1 per player.

Tonight's Winners