Allo Allo

Official Winners Of Pub Quiz Wirral on September 26, 2019

Points scored 250

Prize won £25

It was a night of BIG prizes tonight at our Smartphone Pub Quiz with a grand prize of £200 of food and drink vouchers being won on ‘Play Your Cards Right’ and another pile of CASH for the winners of our quiz.

‘Allo Allo’ won the quiz in the music round by just 1 point on the very last question, scoring 250 to ‘Beyonce Know Alls’ 249, giving us one of the closest finishes on our Smartphone Pub Quiz ever.

As the jackpot for ‘Play Your Cards Right’ had rolled over to £200, we kept on playing until we had an eventual winner. We randomly drew out tickets and we played the game with ‘The Wright Family’, ‘Allo Allo’, ‘Scotty’, ‘Quizpicable Me’, but it was last week’s quiz winners ‘The Anglo Irish Disagreement’ that ended up scooping the prize. The £200 vouchers are valid for food and drink at any Sizzling Pub or can be spent here at The Acorn, Bebington.

Quiz nights at the Acorn get busy every Thursday, so be sure to be early so you can grab a table and settle in, ready for our 8pm start.

Cant wait until next Thursday, don’t forget Pub Quiz Chester, our sister quiz is held every Sunday at 8 at The Wheatsheaf in Upton, Chester.

Tonight's Winners